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Postingan Resort Collection Logo

A logo for Indonesia local brand; Onii-san Resort Colletion.
Keyword: Summer, Sun, Tropical

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Indonesian Dream Book

Published in 2018 by Penerbit Buku Kompas.  Launched in August 2018. Available at Gramedia Book Store.
Gerai Kompas

Keyword for the design: Nationalism and Dream

Astaga Naga! Dragon Boat Jersey 2019

With the same theme as the previous jersey, this year I'm using Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year; Corel, as inspiration.

Minimal Laundry

Designed a logo and Company Profile kit for Minimal Laundry located in Cirebon (July 2018). The client briefs are simple; clean, modern and easily describes the company business. The logo inspired by the shape of a folded shirt and the letter M.

Jalan-Jalan Baik

The new name and logo for Blacktrailers Community.
Their recent event, Charity Yoga for Baduy.

The Yellow Bird

I designed this card as a thank you to everyone that helped me during Kelas Inspirasi Photo dan Video Exhibition at Qubicle Center, 10-19 November 2016. Yellow color stands for happiness and positivity, while the flower stands for the blessing among us.

Brasa Gelato

Designed a logo, brand image, and interior for Gelato shop located at Depok. Brasa Gelato opened on February 4, 2018, serving you fresh homemade gelato. Their best seller flavor; Klepon.

The Logo
Their Instagram;

Astaga Naga! Dragon Boat Jersey 2018

For the 2nd time. Minor upgrade from the previous jersey (2017)

TWF Jersey for Jogja Marathon 2018

Keywords: Speed, light and future.

IG: @training_with_friends

Aqua: STEP (Suara Tirta Emerging Photographers)

E-poster and printed materials. Photos by Yoppy Pieter.